Our fuel is creating rich and unique worlds, filled with iconic characters. We devote ourselves to thinking differently, always out of the box —in order to inspire and to blow the imagination of both children and adults.


We price ourselves on working with a wide variety of styles and aesthetics, and on being really flexible in terms of design, stories, and targets. We love challenges, and don’t shy away from any kind of project..


We are committed to telling relevant stories, starring all kinds of aspirational characters —no matter their size, gender, or color! We believe that’s the key to bringing an international success to life.

Strategic Partnerships

Because 1 + 1 can sometimes be 100, we strive to collaborate with the best and greatest talent out there —with professionals of every area that complement and add up to our vision.

Long Term Vision

We aim to create long term brands with an international appeal —that may work both today and tomorrow, here and all over the world.