“Forget the rules… it’s time for GLOB!”

“GLOB!” tells the crazy day-to-day of four kids and their dog while they play, learn, and have all kinds of fun inside an amazing ship-balloon!

Violet, Bert, Dan, baby Teresita, and big dumb-dumb Babas (their green dog), form a very unusual gang… and lead an even more unusual life! Every day, aboard the Glob —their fantastical balloon—, this side-splitting group releases all of their wackiness, in just about EVERY imaginable way! Electrifying game shows…? Of course! Mind-blowing vacations…? Absolutely! Or cooking in an explosion-proof kitchen…? You never know what will happen with them —the only guarantee is fun!

“GLOB!” is an absurd, fresh, and original adventure —not suitable for boring people! You’ll laugh until you blow milk out of your nose, and learn a little bit of everything… while enjoying the ride of your life!


52 episodes x 7 min


Bridge: 4-7 y/old


Comedy. Entertainment.


Hybrid: 2D + CGI + Puppets