Triki Hunters

“Who said life in the village was boring?”

Elise, a girl from Paris, just moved from the greatest city in the world to the lamest village in the universe. Or so she thinks… When she starts spotting small, mischievous creatures that no one else can see, Elise will unwillingly get tangled into a decades-long mystery involving these weird invisible monsters (known as Triki) and the group that keeps them at bay: the Triki Hunters!

Elise is a 10-year old whose life just turned upside down. Her dad just remarried, had a baby with his new wife, and worst of all, moved the whole “happy” family to a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. But instead of boring sheep and country-folk, Elise finds herself running into… monsters?! Seriously?

Indeed, their new village is infested of Trikis: small, trouble-loving creatures with all sorts of odd powers. And Elise seems to be the only one who can see them! That is, until she meets Clara and Guillaume: two other kids who secretly are… Triki Hunters!! Together, they’ll try to find the answers to the town’s many mysteries —while they stop the Trikis from tearing it apart!


52 episodes x 11 min


Kids: 6-10 y/old


Mystery. Action. Comedy.