Aqua Warriors

“Three rookie heroes, out in a weird new dimension: ours!”

Cadets Kai, Ula and Blob just graduated with honors as Aqua-Warriors: an elite of super-cool and kick-ass interdimensional guardians that keep law and order across the Multi-aquaverse! But out of all the possible mind-blowing worlds and dimensions, the three are sent to guard… Earth??

Instead of being sent somewhere awesome (like the glistening cascades of Alpha-Coralis), Kai, Ula and Blob have been assigned to the farthest, most boring, and overall worst dimension ever: E3-Gamma, which the locals call “Earth”. So not fair! They were supposed to go somewhere important! How will they prove their worth here? NO ONE ever comes to the dimensional outskirts!

Well, as it turns out, they’re not the only ones to think that… Attracted by the unexciting low profile of Earth, lots of interdimensional villains have had the same brilliant idea: moving here to plot their evil plans! So… what will happen when our three newbies and all these baddies run into each other?


52 episodes x 11 min


Kids: 6-10 y/old


Fantasy. Action. Comedy.


Hybrid: 2D + CGI + Live Act