“A very special school… for very children!”

What do a little elf, a rookie fairy, an inexperienced cyclops, and a baby unicorn have in common? Very simple… They all come to learn how to use their magical powers to the same place: the Kindergarten for Magical Children!

Accompanied by their guide, Prim the Frog Princess, each day this unique group of friends experience all sorts of hilarious magic adventures as they learn to use their powers. Giant bugs, jelly furniture, accidental trips to other dimensions… one can never know, because magic is quite an unpredictable thing, and very hard to control! When you’re learning how to use it… things never turn up as you expected!

That’s why Pip and his friends come to kindergarten. But not just any kindergarten… a magical one! Full of wacky enchanted objects and colored doors that lead to all sorts of incredible places —like the Jungle Room! Or the South Pole!— this place is amazingly magical in its own right. And more importantly: it’s the perfect environment to experiment and have fun!


52 episodes x 7 min


Preschool: 4+ y/old


Fantasy. Comedy.