“Discover a new world… through the eyes of the Seeker!”

“BluBlu the gnome is a Seeker. He finds things for other people. Whether it’s a powerful magical ingredient or the perfect sauce for your enchilada, he never says no to a mission —no matter how crazy! But thanks to his courage and the help of his friends… no challenge will be too big!

BluBlu has a most unusual job: finding things for others. Which might sound easy, but truthfully… is not! Some missions send him on heroic quests —like finding incredible treasures, saving fellow gnomes, or solving world- shaking problems—, while others… are the silliest you can think of! To to make things worse, he lives in a crazy whimsical world, full of strange places and weird creatures. What could possibly go wrong, right?

And yet, despite the odds, BluBlu always delivers! No matter what monster or danger he has to face, a Seeker never rests until the job’s done. And when that can’t be… it’s a good thing he can call on his friends!


52 episodes x 11 min


Bridge: 4-7 y/old


Fantasy. Adventure.